Telecommunication Management

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Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. telecommunication support provides knowledge experts in managing the challenges of specific solutions implementations.  By taking a best practice approach we determine specific operational performance improvement area and enhance operational performance. We provide support in developing A-76 studies of skills and resources to perform all day-to-day call center operations and can develop Performance based specification for obtaining resources to perform telecommunication services from the vendor community. Our staff has experience evaluating RFP responses to determine the most appropriate vendor partner for the organization and in addition, we provide telecommunication performance validation and compliance support services to understand how your provider is performing and identify opportunities for improvement.

Client Benefits

By selecting these services, clients can align people, strategy, customers, and processes to work in concert to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. For example:

Our expertise includes conducting detailed on-site analysis of operations, which includes investigating all aspects of your processes and technology that support the contact center and E-business customer support applications. Strategic performance improvement opportunities for Customer Contact Management are identified as a key part of the assessment process, resulting in recommendations for both short and long range action plans.