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Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. (SeBS) was founded and incorporated in 2000 with the vision of providing consulting services that  focuses upon enhancing the way Government does business through the improvement of process, technology and people. In 2004 we expanded our services and goals to focus on business transformation and assisting business in optimizing current operational processes to improve both customers experience and operational effectiveness across all processes.  Over the last few years we have been awarded IDIQ’s as a subcontractor across all of the DoD services and in 2007 was awarded a Prime contract with the Navy under Seaport-e.

SeBS, Inc. is a minority, veteran owned and operated Small Business. We deliver innovative solutions to business challenges that impede performance.

We uniquely provide a blend of proven strategic business consulting services to help our customers/partners integrate their processes and implement technologies and best business practices to improve the delivery of products and services to their customers. Our teaming strategy begins with you and your customer in mind.

As solutions experts with deep Government experience, Top Secret Clearances, and extensive domain knowledge, we know first hand the organizational challenges encountered as you adapt to cultural changes and customer requirements. Over twenty years of IT, Customer Service, Business Transformation, and Business Expertise in government and commercial industry segments, enables us to develop and execute strategies effectively on a day-to-day basis, achieving business results rapidly. We support full implementation and ongoing management of transformation solution implementations while developing effective strategies for future success.

SeBS strategically aligns human capital, technology, and business processes into a holistic business solution strategy to support:

  • Strategic Business Transformation

  • Systems Engineering
  • Enterprise Management
  • Customer Service Evolution

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Program Management

  • Financial Management
  • Risks Management

Management Team

We are incorporated and operate as a small business in the State of Maryland with administrative offices located in Bethesda. We are prepared and equipped to respond to any situation with a single expert or a team of qualified and well-trained consultants to cope with any issue, large or small.

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Corporate Philosophy

Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. has a philosophy of providing the highest quality, most reliable, and most customer friendly service in the industry. Over the years we have watched organizations come and go, losing sight of their customers and having their business operations become less supportive of customer needs.

We are professionally committed to help you succeed. We provide a team of thoroughly trained professionals that are personable with a sincere desire to help you meet your business customer service goals. We take the time to help you figure out what you need, how to implement it within your specific environment, answer your questions, and provide the level of support needed to ensure that the service is of value to your organization.

Our customer-centric philosophy drives us to tailor our services in a way that addresses the goals of our clients and the customers they serve. Our commitment is to provide the best and most professional solution possible to help your business succeed.


SeBS, Inc. is a small business with a specialized focus on the government sector. As a consultant with us you will be engaged with companies in all sorts of industries and government agencies. No two are alike but they all face real word challenges such as managing customer service delivery and improving customer satisfaction and related processes in a call center setting.

If you have significant expertise related to our core services and are an energetic, analytical and results driven individual we would like to hear from you. As the business grows more talented and enthusiastic people are needed. Top Secret Clearances are a plus in the work we do for our clients.

Download Corporate Background

If you’d like an at-a-glance summary of SeBS, Inc. click here to download our Corporate Backgrounder.