Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. provides end-to-end life documentation support for enterprise solutions. This pragmatically demonstrates where to invest budget dollars in order to enhance operational performance. We’ll define the direction, services, sourcing strategies, priorities and governance you need to create the best IT infrastructure. And an architectural blueprint for achieving it.

We provide the following services:

  • Business Case Development

  • Value Proposition

  • Capabilities Road Map

  • Business Interaction Model

  • As-Is Process Flows

  • To-Be Process Flows

  • Business Scenarios Application

  • Information Flow Diagrams

  • Data Model Data Dictionary

  • Strategy Conceptual Design

  • Costing Model

Client Benefits

By selecting these services, clients can align people, strategy, customers, and processes to work in concert to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. For example:

Our expertise provides you visibility up, down and across the enterprise, and even beyond organizational walls. You can connect more effectively with suppliers, partners and customers. We will ensure that you will understand the links between the four key dimensions of your business strategy, process, applications and infrastructure which results in recommendations for both short and long range action plans.