E-SITE is a broad-based contract designed to satisfy the DIA IT service requirements and adapt to emerging requirements as new missions evolve and leading edge technologies become available. E-SITE partners have demonstrated experience and expertise in all essential IT services and functions. At the task order level, enterprise activities and services may be combined to maximize efficiencies, drive process improvements, eliminate service overlaps, and realize cost efficiencies to the Government.  

Contract services include, but are not limited to:

  • standardizing and optimizing system and infrastructure designs and architectures;

  • identifying and coordinating emerging IT solutions and technology integration opportunities;

  • implementing innovative industry technologies that maximize efficiencies and cost savings;

  • developing new systems while migrating infrastructure capabilities to meet mission requirements and improve operational efficiency of customers;

  • delivering system and infrastructure capabilities that scale to meet enterprise demand with the least re-engineering effort possible;

  • facilitating and monitoring the integration, interoperability, and synchronization of enterprise-wide systems and infrastructure solutions and services.