Strategic e-Business Solutions enterprise risk management (ERM) approach includes the methods and processes used by organizational units to manage risks by seizing strategic opportunities that will enable them to holistically and cohesively achieve their objectives. It provides a framework for operational risk management, which typically involves identifying particular events or circumstances relevant to the organization’s objectives (risks and opportunities), assessing them in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, determining a response strategy, and monitoring process. By identifying and proactively addressing risks and opportunities, business enterprises protect and create value for their stakeholders and partners.

Our ERM practice, supported by a suite of strategic automated risk assessment tools (SSAT), is designed to simplify Federal statutory and regulatory compliance for entity control audits (both internal and external). Our internal assessment tools spans the full operational gamut of an organization, covering HR, Logistics, IT, Program Management, Financial, and Acquisition. SSAT enables an organization to expedite assessment of its operations to quickly evaluate, score and report the results of the functional, process and sub-processes. Our integrated assessment tool assist evaluators by asking the right questions and to document and report on the assessment. Depending on the results scoring, SSAT flags control deficiencies and material weaknesses immediately to initiate data driven decisions by leadership to identify areas of weakness, and determine the most optimal corrective action to employ. SSAT focuses on control analyses, risks rating factors, decision-making processes, and the organization’s monitoring, tracking and reporting for the required assessable unit areas.

Client Benefits

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