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Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. offers support for your ongoing operational program management needs with consulting services to assist you in the continuous management of both mission-critical systems engineering and organizational functionality. To ensure effective management of your operation, we ensure that your staff, management, as well as your IT solutions are operating at optimum productivity and performance levels. We offer various services such as Project Management (operational principles to workforce scheduling), Knowledge Management (virtual data source integration), and Performance Reporting (metrics to trend analysis) consulting for clients that are looking to make improvements.

Our customer-centric methodology helps you exceed customer expectations and achieve maximal results.   By implementing standardized processes and templates for project initiation, tracking, strategy, and management, and by utilizing quantitative performance measurement approaches to demonstrate value and sustained enterprise change efforts, we can increase your organizations efficiency and effectively manage a growing number of initiatives and projects.

By tying together a Project Management Institute focused methodology inclusive of quality and performance management, as well as appropriate training (either through instructor led courses or e-learning) your organization will have a well -integrated and comprehensive set of management tools. This paves the path towards optimized effective and efficient operations.

Specific services provided include:

Schedule Management

  • Training, guidance and mentoring on program management principles
  • Customized solutions to improve your staff performance
  • Analysis of workload forecast and improved workforce scheduling

Risk Management  

  • Accessibility to a variety of data sources – no matter where they are located
  • Convert and integrate previously untapped data into effective and useful information
  • Virtual integration of multiple efforts

Project Management 

  • More meaningful performance metric and reporting
  • Anticipate developing trends with real-time reports
  • Analyze current reports to pinpoint issues

Client Benefits

All management support needs can be integrated and the appropriate services optimized to improve operations, customer service, customer satisfaction, and company profitability. This improves overall operations by:

Whether you’re setting up a new organization, want to improve the performance of an existing one, or add functionality to your traditional or e-business customer services solution, we stand ready to help you with your business objectives.