SeBS’ Public Financial Management (PFM) advisory practice supports governments’ collection, expenditure, and management of public resources, and most importantly, their socio-economic impact. We focus on the systems and processes used to develop, approve and execute government budgets, and for making budgets accountable to oversight stakeholder organizations and the public. We help institutionalize systems and processes to determine how appropriations are prioritized by the government, how funds flow and are tracked, determine expenditure and reporting, and the extent to which adequate oversight is applied to budget plans and outcomes.

Implicit in this effort is the need to access and harness data to ensure our advisory support is backed by sound information, and the resultant decisions are data-driven. Data can provide insights that help you to ask and answer key business questions for stakeholders and constituents. It is important to remember, however, that prior to collecting and analyzing data, it is even more imperative to first make a determination of what the organization is aspiring to achieve to ensure the right data is collected and analyzed.

Our seasoned practitioners are prior CFO’s from both commercial as well as Public Sector organizations, with unmatched cumulative years of experience spanning more than 75 years applying sound PFM to contribute to global economic growth, and to provide opportunities to promote domestic and international interest.

Client Benefits

By selecting these services, clients can align people, strategy, customers, and processes to work in concert to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. For example:

SeBS brings knowledgeable management and information technology consultants that support innovative solutions to business challenges that impede performance.