Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. customer service operational assessment methodology addresses organization, people, process, and technology issues that show the financial impact of challenged areas and recommend specific solutions for improvements. By taking a best practice analysis approach we determine specific operational performance gaps. This pragmatically demonstrates where to invest budget dollars in order to enhance operational performance.

We benchmark customer needs against current “as is” operations in the area of Performance (appropriate agent and client specific measurements), Call Handling (workload analysis, call routing, quality and customer satisfaction measurements), Technology (PBX, ACD, IVR, WEB, agent workstation tools), and Staffing (workspace, hiring, and workforce scheduling) to understand how to improve customer service operations. We provide analysis services that lead to recommendations for improvements to achieve your desired state.  This way, your organization can bridge the gap to meet performance targets and integrate e-business solutions that leverage existing I/T systems, ensuring improved business results.

The assessment is an in depth process which is conducted on-site could cover the following areas:

  • Assessment of the Convergence of the Call Center and Internet in an organization

  • Customer Satisfaction, Quality Assurance Assessment and Strategy

  • Staffing, Human Capital Process Assessment and Strategy

  • Training, Performance Metrics,  Standards Assessment,  and Strategies

  • Technology (IVR) and workflow process improvements

Our expertise includes conducting detailed on-site analysis of operations, which includes investigating all aspects of your people, processes, and technology that support the contact center and E-business customer support applications. Strategic performance improvement opportunities for Customer Contact Management are identified as a key part of the assessment process, resulting in recommendations for both short and long range action plans.

Client Benefits

By selecting these services, clients can align people, strategy, customers, and processes to work in concert to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. For example:

SeBS brings knowledgeable management and information technology consultants that support innovative solutions to business challenges that impede performance.