Systems Engineering

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Strategic e-Business Solutions, Inc. systems engineering methodology addresses organization, people, process, and technology issues that show the financial impact of challenged areas and recommend specific solutions for improvements. We possess leading edge technology in areas such as aircraft systems, space communications, information technology, radar and systems engineering. Our primary business objective is to provide expert technical and programmatic consulting services to clients.

We provide contract support and consulting–ranging from business process re-engineering to overall system engineering. We have the capability to provide full life cycle systems engineering services. We have extensive experience in aircraft acceptance testing, IV&V and OT&E.

Special strengths include:

  • Requirements Analysis

  • System Architecture

  • Acquisition Management

  • SE Documentation

  • Test and Evaluation

  • Software Engineering Approaches & Methodologies

  • Quality Management

Client Benefits

By selecting these services, clients can align people, strategy, customers, and processes to work in concert to improve customer satisfaction and profitability. For example:

In today’s development environment, a key challenge to systems developers is effective development of software systems and efficient integration with non-software components (e.g., communications, hardware, etc.) The key for many systems is effective software engineering–management of software development for the entire system life cycle (from concept through disposal). Accordingly, our expertise is especially well suited to providing solutions to problems that have a significant software component.